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That’s what we love about our original fanbase

That’s what we love about our original fanbase and customers is they are very honest, very truthful. They’ll tell you this is junk. That was the best part of having that first year of test marketing. Ministry ready with chapterParrikar had released the DPP 2016 officially on March 28 at the Def Expo. But, since then, the DPP had been devoid of its most crucial Chapter VI on strategic partnerships. However, it seems that the Ministry is now ready with it, and Parrikar is all set to unveil it on February 14, sources told BusinessLine..

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The cold fact of the matter is that opening up a restaurant may be one of the worst investments you could make with your money. That’s a horrible, sobering statement coming from someone like me who’s in the business of helping restaurants succeed, but it’s the truth. Most restaurant fail.

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